We are recruiting kind of trainee at Ryoma-Sonjuku. The term of the trainee is 1 year. 3 opportunities will be offered to the trainees during this period.

3 opportunities for 1 year trainee

1. Leaning Japanese language and culture

Ryoma-Sonjuku has gathering as a regular meeting on the 15th of every month. Specifically, each speaker speaks his own field of expertise, participants learn about that subject. All languages are in Japanese, and the trainees will learn Japanese and Japanese culture through this regular meeting and ensuing drinking.

2. Doing Japanese activities

Trainees will participate to some of the other projects, events etc. conducted by Thai Ryoma as organizer side. For example, there are mainly the following projects.

· OMOTENASHI® project
· Project to bring Sakura from Japan to Thailand (Thai royal family related project)
· Bon-Odori Event (Sponsor: Japanese Embassy, Japanese Association)

3. Opportunity to join Samurai society

Thai Ryoma hosting Ryoma-Sonjuku is a official member of Zenkoku-Ryoma-Shachu organizing more than 200 members of the Ryoma Club, more than 20,000 members in the world as well as throughout Japan. It is an organization that a variety of descendants, some of them are famous Samurai family, that is, the trainees also will participate in this community.



* It will not cost anything to become a trainee. It’s completely free. Instead, when participating in the project or event as a management side there is no financial compensation. It’s like a volunteer.

* In Ryoma-Sonjuku, it’s not style of “teaching Japanese”. You can learn Japanese yourself through our all of Japanese activities. For that reason, it is better that the Japanese level is intermediate or higher. I mean, just “better” 😉

* Even if 1 year has passed, it is possible to continue participating in Ryoma-Sonjuku with your will. In that case, you will participate as a full member of the Thai Ryoma, not as a trainee.

* Participation for soliciting purposes such as Multi-level marketing (MLM) will not be accepted.